Pre-medication Before Your Dental Visit

Usually before a dental visit, people tend to brush and floss in order to make up for lost time. This is common, though not necessary. (We can tell, trust us. You’d best brush and floss regularly instead of doing it last minute.) Sometimes ourLas Vegas cosmetic dentists request that patients take certain steps prior to their dental visit in order to improve their treatment experience. This can sometimes involve the use of pre-medication. Let’s take a brief look at these matters right now.

Why Pre-Medication May Be Used

There are a variety of reasons why ourcosmetic and family dentists in Las Vegas would consider pre-medication for patients. Generally it comes down to the use of antibiotics or dental sedation medications. The former is used as a safety precaution, the latter is used to improve the overall experience a patient has at the practice during treatment.

Antibiotics as Pre-Medication

Yes, it may seem a bit odd, but taking antibiotics before you undergo a dental treatment has been part of a debate in the dental community. When it comes toLas Vegas restorative dentistry or a general dental care procedure, sometimes taking antibiotics may be a safety measure to ensure patients are not inadvertently harmed during treatment.

Reasons Why Antibiotics May Be Considered Beforehand

Sometimes dental procedures can introduce bacteria into a patient’s bloodstream, which may put some patients at risk for adverse reactions and various health problems. Taking antibiotics prior to a dental visit can manage bacteria and prevent an adverse health problem in the process. People with some heart conditions may also be instructed to pre-medicate prior to dental treatment. Again, this is a safety precaution to prevent a major health issue related to bacterial infection.

Since this is an ongoing discussion in the field, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on this matter. We’re particularly interested in medical and dental research regarding these preventative procedures and how that affects patient experience.

Dental Sedation and Pre-Medication

Another reason that people may pre-medicate before visiting the dentist is for dental sedation. Sedation dentistry is a bit ofadvanced dental technology that allows people who are afraid of the dentist and dental visits to get the dental treatment that they need without feeling frightened or anxious.

Considerations for Dental Sedation

Some people suffer from dental phobia, which makes them avoid the dentist or, if they visit the dentist, feel extremely uneasy when in the dentist chair. Dental sedation will involve a patient taking a pill that will help put them in a relaxed and calm state. Transportation will be required to and from the practice given the level of sedation and its effect. Thanks to sedation dentistry methods, patients can rest assured that they will get the treatment they need without feeling any anxiety whatsoever.

Learn More About Your Dental Care Options

There are many options out there for effective dental care. It’s all just a matter of getting the right treatment for you and your needs. To learn more about your dental care options, be sure tocontact our Las Vegas cosmetic and implant dentistry center today. Our entire team looks forward to your visit.