Biocompatible Dental Fillings Are a Better Fit For Your Smile

To restore teeth following treatment for decay or trauma, biocompatible dental fillings are safer than metal fillings and can provide superior aesthetics. Dr. Jason L. Downey offers dental fillings made of either gold cast or tooth-colored resin. To learn more about the many benefits of biocompatible dental fillings, contact our Las Vegas, NV practice today.

Advantages of Biocompatible Fillings

Dr. Downey only provides biocompatible fillings as part of his focus on comprehensive and whole body dentistry. This type of dentistry focuses not just on oral health, but also the effect of oral health on the rest of the body.

Traditionally, many dental practitioners have used silver amalgam fillings, which contain trace amounts of mercury. The mercury in metal fillings has not been found to cause health complications, but many patients experience improved peace of mind knowing their fillings contain no toxic substances.

We offer gold cast and tooth-colored fillings because they offer many important advantages:

  • Mercury-Free: Neither gold nor tooth-colored fillings contain mercury.
  • Durability: Gold and tooth-colored fillings are highly durable. Gold cast fillings can last 10 to 15 years longer than amalgam fillings.
  • Appearance: Silver amalgam fillings are almost always conspicuous. With time, the metal can even corrode, causing discoloration where the filling meets the tooth. Cast gold fillings, while noticeable, are often considered a more aesthetically pleasing option, and do not discolor the teeth. Meanwhile, tooth-colored fillings blend seamlessly with your tooth to create a completely natural-looking result.

With these benefits, your biocompatible fillings can become a valuable asset to your oral health.

Placing a Filling

Placing a filling is a simple procedure. Dr. Downey first administers a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. Once the area is numb, he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once the site is clear, the filling is placed.

The placement process differs slightly according to the material:

  • Tooth-Colored Resin: We can place a tooth-colored filling in one office visit. To ensure that it blends seamlessly with your smile, we select a shade of filling that matches your teeth. The tooth surface is etched with tiny marks that enable the resin to bond securely with the tooth. The composite resin is applied in layers and then hardened with a special light. Once the filling is set, Dr. Downey then shapes and polishes the material to create a smooth and consistent surface.
  • Gold Cast: We can place a gold cast filling in two office visits. After removing the tooth decay, we will take an impression of your tooth and send it to an off-site laboratory. There, a dental technician creates your custom filling. You will be provided with a temporary filling until the permanent filling is ready. You will come in for a second appointment to have the permanent filling placed.

During your consultation, we can help you decide which option is best for you.

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Dr. Downey and his team strive to provide all patients with excellent dental care that benefits both their oral and overall health. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of biocompatible dental fillings or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.