Achieve Precise Treatment Planning with the 3D Cone Beam System

Staying abreast of technology is the best way to ensure comfortable, efficient, and quality treatment. We strive to provide the very best technological innovations for your dental care.

As part of this effort, we incorporate the highly efficient 3D cone beam system into treatment planning at our Las Vegas, NV dental practice. A variation on traditional CT scans, the 3D cone beam system reduces radiation exposure while providing a far more accurate assessment of a patient’s oral structures.

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What Is the 3D Cone Beam System?

The 3D cone beam system provides a full, 360-degree, three-dimensional virtual model of a patient’s head and mouth. Primarily used to plan dental implant treatments, the device can also assist with bone-graft surgery, assessing abnormal teeth or dental trauma, examining cleft palates, and preparing for pathology treatments.

Rather than aiming a large amount of radiation over the entire body, the 3D cone beam system concentrates a cone-shaped x-ray beam over the head and neck. When undergoing this imaging technique, you will be asked to wear a lead apron to protect the rest of your body. Next you will undergo the scanning process, which swivels around the head in a circular motion.

The system scans from the top of the head to the base of the neck, taking a series of images from multiple angles. Each of these images is then uploaded to a computer, where they are combined into a single model that precisely measures the volume, density, structure, and shape of the jawbone.

With this tool, Dr. Downey can conduct an in-depth examination of your oral structures. The model created by the 3D system is extremely accurate. Both the model and the individual images can be manipulated and segmented into smaller sections to provide insight into your oral health.

Benefits of 3D Cone Beam Technology

Traditional CT scans and black and white x-rays are often less focused and less precise. Consequently, these images are less accurate than what the 3D cone beam system can offer.

While general information can be enough for simpler cases, the increased precision provided by the 3D system can make the difference between success and failure for a complicated diagnosis or surgical procedure, such as the implant dentistry process.

The more information we have, the more accurate the diagnosis, treatment plan, and surgical guide can be. Ultimately, patients have a much greater chance for accurate diagnoses and successful treatments when we use 3D cone beam technology.

Other Considerations

Because the 3D cone beam system focuses on the head and neck and emits less radiation, patients are exposed to nearly 200 times less radiation than during a traditional CT scan.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the system still uses more radiation than a conventional dental x-ray. As a result, this imaging system is typically reserved for adult patients and may not be appropriate for pediatric treatment.

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