Our Vision

teamWe are a caring and professional team of doctors, working together to serve the best interests of our patients by providing comprehensive dental care with emphasis in preventiverestorative and cosmetic dentistry, preserving and creating smiles that can last a lifetime. Our actions are consistent with our values, which are (1) Integrity, (2) Excellence, and (3) Service.

If you are seeking a dentist with these values that match ours, we invite you to contact our dental practice , serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, to schedule an appointment with our team.

Office Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comfortable, excellent dental care in the most efficient and caring environment. We have happy, enjoyable patients who appreciate the value of dental health. Everyone is accountable and everyone enjoys the benefits.

Our working environment is safe and immaculately clean. Office policies are applied consistently with gentle firmness and understanding. Our office atmosphere is cheerful and friendly where the individuality of each patient and team member is appreciated.

Our Promises to You

  • We promise to focus on your health, not your disease.
  • We promise to help you control all future dental disease.
  • We promise to lower your dental repair costs.
  • We promise to always treat you in a manner consistent with our values of Integrity, Excellence, and Service.
  • We promise to care for you as a unique individual created by God.
  • We promise to always strive to provide minimum treatment for optimum health and results.
  • We promise to be lifetime students.
  • We promise to help you to preserve your face and smile and your ability to chew, breathe, speak, and digest your food.

Contact Our Dental Practice

If you are seeking quality dental services in a convenient location, contact Jason L. Downey, DDS for a consultation. Our dental practice serves all Las Vegas-area locations, including Summerlin and Spring Valley. We offer a full spectrum of services, including cosmetic procedures, restorative treatments, and general exams and cleanings.