Rapidly Restore Teeth with CEREC®

Waiting for a crown or veneer to be fabricated at an off-site laboratory can lengthen the timeline of your restoration process. To minimize this wait, we use CEREC® technology at our Las Vegas, NV dental practice. With this machine, patients can receive their dental restoration in a single appointment!

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How Does CEREC® Work?

A CEREC® machine is an in-office technology used to design and create ceramic dental restorations in a single appointment. Rather than send impressions to an off-site lab and wait several weeks, CEREC® technology allows Dr. Downey to create and place your restoration immediately.

All restorations created with CEREC® technology are made of ceramic. Ceramic’s translucent quality and range of colors allows Dr. Downey to create a restoration that closely resembles your natural enamel.

With CEREC® technology, patients can quickly receive crowns, inlays or onlays,implant restorations, and veneers. While best suited to creating single tooth restorations, the machine can also construct bridges. Best of all, the CEREC® machine simplifies several aspects of the process.

Rather than taking impressions with the traditional, gooey plastic mold, we can create a digital model of your teeth with a camera. With this model, the technician can create a customized restoration that considers both the opposing tooth and overall bite.

With the digital design, our on-site milling machine can create the restoration from a ceramic block in about 15 minutes. Once complete, the restoration may receive a final polish or glaze before it is permanently placed.

The Benefits of CEREC®

In addition to a quicker process, CEREC® offers a number of other benefits:

CEREC® restorations are a leap forward for a patient’s health as well as convenience. We are proud to offer the use of our CEREC® machine to you, so you can enjoy high-quality dental care.

The Unique Qualities of Ceramic

Unlike metal, ceramic does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes, which can potentially undermine tooth strength. Ceramic’s translucent quality and range of colors allows Dr. Downey to create a restoration that closely resembles natural enamel. Additionally, the material is also biocompatible, reducing the possibility of allergic reaction.

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