Cone Beam 3D System: How Dental Technology Is Improving Treatment

Cone Beam 3D (CBCT)Dr. Jason L. Downey is a leading dentist in the Las Vegas area, using numerous advanced treatments and techniques to help his patients have the best smiles possible. These leaps forward inrestorative dentistry treatment are bolstered by advances in diagnostic tools.

One of the great innovations in dental imaging technology is the Cone Beam 3D system. Let’s look at why this imaging technology is so great for dental patients.

What Is Cone Beam 3D?

Cone Beam 3D is an advanced form of dental digital imaging that creates a highly accurate scan of a patient’s teeth, gums, bone structure, and soft tissues. Thanks to Cone Beam 3D systems and technology, a dentist is better able to serve patients and provide them with the best dental care treatment around.

The Advantage of Cone Beam 3D

Traditional dental x-rays are two-dimensional. While this is helpful for a number of needs, it is unable to provide dentists the vantage point they need to really provide the most effective dental care possible.

By contrast, Cone Beam 3D imaging creates a three-dimensional scan of the patient’s head and mouth. This is a major leap forward in overall dental care. Now a dentist is able to see how various structures and tissues of the mouth interact with each other from different angles and orientations. This means the most advanced diagnostic care possible and greater accuracy when determining and implementing treatments.

Cone Beam 3D Can Help Diagnose and Treat TMJ Disorders

One of the best applications for Cone Beam 3D technology is the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders. The jaw joint is one of the most complicated joints in the entire body given the range of motion required and the various structures that interact with the jaw, such as bone, muscle, cartilage, and nerves.

With Cone Beam 3D, a dentist is able to pinpoint where dysfunctions in jaw alignment and movement are and why they occur. This allows a highly accurate treatment to be developed that meets the needs of the patient exactly.

Other Applications for Advanced Imaging Technology

In addition to diagnosing TMJ disorders, Cone Beam 3D imaging can also be used to plan advanced dental therapies. That means orthodontic care, oral surgeries, dental implant placement, treatments for sleep apnea, and much more. This is a great tool with many applications in terms of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and orthodontics.

Cone Beam 3D Is Great for Patients as Well as Dentists

Patients benefit a great deal from Cone Beam 3D imaging since they are able to undergo some of the most accurate and advanced dental treatments possible. This reduces risks of error and maximizes the effectiveness of any treatments performed. Dentists benefit as well since there is less second-guessing and more pinpoint accuracy when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

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