The Benefits of CEREC Technology: State-of-the-Art Dentistry

CEREC dental technology

State-of-the-art approaches to dentistry mean better overall results when it comes to advanced dental care. This has led to major improvements in cosmetic dentistry as well asrestorative dentistry focused on fixing the teeth and gums. Dr. Jason L. Downey is a leader in dental care in the Las Vegas area, and he’s pleased to offer […]

Cone Beam 3D System: How Dental Technology Is Improving Treatment

Cone Beam 3D (CBCT)

Dr. Jason L. Downey is a leading dentist in the Las Vegas area, using numerous advanced treatments and techniques to help his patients have the best smiles possible. These leaps forward inrestorative dentistry treatment are bolstered by advances in diagnostic tools. One of the great innovations in dental imaging technology is the Cone Beam 3D […]