Dental Bridges Uses

Dental Bridges UsesMissing teeth — they can be a real problem, and we don’t just mean a cosmetic one. If you are missing teeth yourself, you know just what we’re talking about. It’s for that reason that many people meet with a skilledLas Vegas cosmetic dentist. Doing so means that they can get the missing teeth replaced. One option to consider for such needs is dental bridges, something we’d like to look at right now in some detail.

Dental Problems Associated with Tooth Loss

In addition to the obvious aesthetic problems, missing teeth can make it difficult to eat many of the foods that you love. It can also result in speech impediments, which can be embarrassing. Left untreated, people with missing teeth also experience gum recession and bone loss in the area of the tooth gap, and gradual misalignment of teeth adjacent to the tooth gaps is common as well.

It’s important that you visit ourcosmetic and restorative dentistry practice in Las Vegas as soon as you are missing a tooth so that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.

About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are sets of replacement teeth that are used to fill in tooth gaps. When in place, they restore the appearance of your smile as well as your ability to chew as your normally would. The dental bridges are held in place by bracing/bracketing around adjacent natural teeth.

Dental Bridges vs. Dentures

Whiledental bridges are ideal for people missing a tooth or a few teeth, people who are missing many teeth are better served by dentures. Dentures are held in place by gripping onto the remaining jawbone structure and gum tissue in the area where there are missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

While traditional dental bridges are effective, they can slip out of place on occasion. For the most secure hold of dental bridges, patients should consider having dental bridges anchored in place usingdental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically planted into the jawbone and gum tissue to support dentures, dental bridges, and dental crowns.

Ideal Candidates for Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Oral surgery is required for dental bridges, so it’s important that patients be fit for any kind of surgical procedure. Patients should also have good bone density and gum density in the area of the tooth gap or gaps in order to support the implant when it is in place.

Alternatives to Dental Bridges

We mentioned above that dentures are more ideal when patients are missing many teeth. For patients missing a single tooth or a few individual teeth,Las Vegas dental crowns supported by dental implants could be the best option. We’ll be sure to cover all possible treatments in full detail when you stop by the practice for a consultation.

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