Popular Smile Makeover Procedures

Las Vegas Smile Makeover Makeover Your Smile!

There is no reason why everyone can’t have the smile they’ve always dreamed of. These days in Las Vegas, smile makeovers are flying off the shelves, so to speak. Everywhere you look, on the stage or in the crowd, gorgeous smiles abound. And why wouldn’t they in a town that is famous for its beautiful people and happy lifestyle? The more dazzling the smile, the more confidence is felt and exuded.

Whether you would like to undergo one dental procedure or a combination of procedures, it is possible to achieve the ideal smile, uniquely tailored to you, in a quick and affordable manner with the expert help of our experienced dentist, Dr. Jason L. Downey.

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Popular Smile Makeover Procedures

So you’re thinking about making over your smile. What does that entail? At our practice inLas Vegas, cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Under the guidance of your dentist, you will design the perfect smile for you. This makeover will likely include, but is not limited to, one of our popular smile makeover procedures. Popular smile makeover procedures include:

  • Porcelain veneers:Our dentists conceal imperfections, like chips, cracks, stains, and slight misalignments quickly by placing customized porcelain shells on teeth.
  • Teeth whitening:Get teeth to appear shades and shades whiter and brighter with professional whitening systems. Your dentist will make sure you attain the shade that is best suited for you.
  • Dental crowns:A dental crown will correct the surface of a broken, discolored, or otherwise damaged tooth.
  • Dental bridges:This treatment is used to replace missing teeth with natural-looking prosthetic teeth.
  • Dental bonding:This is a simple procedure that aims to close gaps, change the shape of teeth, replace silver amalgam fillings, fill cavities, or conceal cracks or other imperfections in a tooth with the application of a composite resin.
  • Invisalign:Also known as “invisible braces”, this orthodontics system uses a series of clear plastic trays to gradually align teeth. For our patients inLas Vegas, Invisalign® is a much more convenient and discreet alternative to metal braces.

Smile Makeover Consultation

Anyone seeking to make their smile significantly more dazzling should schedule a smile makeover consultation at our Southwest Las Vegas practice. Your dentist will take your concerns and best interests to heart when designing your own smile makeover treatment plan. Each smile makeover at our practice is as unique as the patient, with the goal of leaving you loving your smile and feeling significantly more confident about flashing your pearly whites!

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Take the first step in enhancing your smile by contacting our practice, Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry, based in Southwest Las Vegas near Summerlin, Nevada. Set up a smile makeover consultation with one of our trusted dentists to find out which procedure or procedures may be right for you. A member of our friendly staff is standing by to take your call.