The Benefits of CEREC Technology: State-of-the-Art Dentistry

CEREC dental technologyState-of-the-art approaches to dentistry mean better overall results when it comes to advanced dental care. This has led to major improvements in cosmetic dentistry as well asrestorative dentistry focused on fixing the teeth and gums.

Dr. Jason L. Downey is a leader in dental care in the Las Vegas area, and he’s pleased to offer CEREC technology to patients. Let’s go over the basics of CEREC right now.

What Is CEREC Technology?

CEREC technology is a kind of dental milling system that allows dentists to craft custom restorations in a single dental visit. The CEREC system uses special digital impression technology in order to scan the existing teeth and custom create a dental restoration. The restoration itself is then milled on-site out of a solid block of dental ceramic, which is checked for fit before being adhered in place.

Thanks to CEREC, a patient will be able to have a great looking smile in less time.

How Dental Restorations Were Made in the Past

In the past, getting a custom dental crown took at least two visits. In the first visit, a tooth was prepped and then an impression was taken of the tooth. From this impression, a custom dental restoration was created at an off-site dental lab. This would take roughly a week to two weeks for the patient to receive the finished dental restoration.

How CEREC Technology Revolutionizes Dental Restorations

Thanks to CEREC, the dental lab is essentially located inside of the office itself. That means that patients are able to get a custom dental restoration created and placed in just one visit to the practice rather than multiple visits. This is direct dentistry that improves matters for patients as well as dentists.

CEREC Technology Saves You Time

Since only one visit is necessary for getting dental restorations placed, patients no longer need to make multiple visits to the practice to have their restorations created and set. That means less time off of work or interruptions of your own schedule. You may simply require an afternoon to make your smile look its very best again. CEREC means your free time is still your time.

CEREC Restorations Are Tooth Colored and Look Natural

The block of dental ceramic from which the dental restorations are crafted is an excellent white color that blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth structure and appearance. With a CEREC restoration in place, no one will realize that you’ve undergone major dental work. The results are exceptional.

CEREC Restorations Are Strong

In addition to having a great overall appearance, the CEREC dental restorations are quite strong, on par with the work done at off-site dental labs. Again, CEREC technology essentially brings the dental lab to the office, and the quality is not neglected.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a CEREC Restoration?

The best candidates for CEREC restorations are people who require custom dental crowns to address major tooth decay or tooth damage. During a dental visit, we will be able to determine if a CEREC restoration is the best option for you.

Learn More About CEREC Technology

For more information about CEREC technology and how it can help you have a beautiful smile again, be sure tocontact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. Dr. Jason L. Downey will work with you to ensure that you know all of your treatment options.